Scott Siegel Arrested for Steroids After Selling Them in The Wrestler

Mickey Rourke is still getting countless raves, and a possible Oscar in two days, for The Wrestler. Rourke is making it big again in part because the ravages of his character parallel so close to his own in real life. But this isn’t the only area where The Wrestler may be a case of art imitating life. Scott Siegel, a debut actor who Rourke got cast as a steroid dealer in The Wrestler, has been arrested for steroid dealing in real life.

According to the DEA, Scott Siegel was arrested on Wednesday night after officers found 1,500 bottles of steroids and over $100,000 dollars in two homes. Siegel made things even worse for himself when he attempted to flee after cops closed in on him.

Siegel reportedly drove his car through a fence and smashed into five police cars while attempting to escape the scene. Later, he led police through another brief chase in Eastchester before finally getting caught.

The steroids that reportedly belong to Siegel were found in a Lake Isle townhouse, with packaging material for steroids found in Siegel’s home. Up to $70,000 was found in both homes as well, according to the feds.

Scott Siegel is not a professional actor, and was literally plucked out of nowhere by Mickey Rourke to appear in The Wrestler. Rourke found Siegel in a club one night, according to an interview he gave on Jimmy Kimmel Live weeks back. Siegel’s physique and appearance inspired Rourke and director Darren Aronofsky to approach Siegel for a part in the film.

Siegel, being a bulked up man with huge muscles, was a perfect fit to play a steroid dealer who approaches Rourke’s Randy “The Ram” Robinson at a moment of weakness. Now it seems to be perfect in more ways than one.

Rourke claimed to Kimmel that because of The Wrestler, Siegel was offered parts in two more movies. That is most likely shot, if Siegel hasn’t already filmed them.

Siegel is not a first time offender, however. He served four years in prison for trafficking steroids, from 1999 to 2003. It is unknown if Rourke found that out before hiring him for the movie.

Siegel faces charges of assaulting a federal officer and steroid distribution. Rourke faces a possible Oscar victory on Sunday night.

This past week has not been the best one for Rourke, despite the Oscars coming up. His beloved dog passed away, he is caught up in rumors on whether or not he will star in Iron Man 2, and now someone he personally brought onto his comeback film is in legal trouble.