Getting Shredded: Legal Steroids and Diet

To understand how to build lean muscle and have the physique that you’ve always wanted you have to understand that there are three different very distinct body types.

For those blessed with good genetics lean muscle building can be a very easy task as it is for mesomorphs ( the people with natural low body fat percentages with good lean muscle such as fitness models and athlete types) and for others such as people that were born as ectomorphs (the naturally skinny body type that people that struggle with their weight and are hated because they can eat anything and never gain a pound). The third body is the most undesireable and the one that most of America is beginning to know themselves classified as and that is the endomorph (naturally fat or “big boned”, able to eat nothing and still gain weight).

All three body types have very different ways of responding to diet and exercise. In this article I will make it very simple on how all three body types can benefit from diet, exercise, and using legal steroids to optimize the physique they intend on having. Steroids have become very taboo over the years due to steroid abuse. There are many different steroids out there and the ones most commonly abused are injectable steroids, these steroids seem to gain the most results. This makes this particular group of steroids more addictive than the other group of steroids which are taken orally, furthermore their side effects on vital organs such as the liver are less damaging than oral steroids. Oral steroids can be hard on the liver, thus many users don’t use them for extended lengths of time. Oral steroids are not designed to be used for more than one or two month straight cycles because of the effects they have on organs. But, don’t be afraid of oral steroids because when use properly they can be safe and effective.

Steroids are not the devil, they can be man’s best friend. A little knowledge on steroids can go a long way into understanding exactly how steroids work and what effects steroids can have on the body. It should also be noted that injection type steroids are completely illegal and no one want to go to jail for a possession charge of having steroids. Also, it should be recognized that there are side effects of using steroids of any kind, these side effects include: agitation, skin irritation and acne, extreme aggression, and depression. However I personally have not experienced any of these side effects while taking oral steroids and I cannot attempt to speculate the effects of injection steroids. On a last note it is a good idea for one that is using steroids to take an estrogen blocker such as clomid, because steroids have been known to cause gynocomastia a side effect that will leave you with enlarged breasts. So we’ll be moving on and discussing them later in the article.

We’ll start with the ectomorphs ( naturally skinny), there are many things that a skinny guy will have to do to break the cycle of being thin. First and foremost is calorie intake, these guys need to eat foods that are high in calories. If you meet this criteria than you need to double or even triple your calorie intake to counter act your fast metabolism, I’m not saying go out and eat a bunch of greasy cheese burgers. You need to take in foods that are high in healthy calories and remember to eat regularly (accidental fasting is one of the ectomorph’s greatest downfalls), an ectomorph should eat at least five to six times a day. Taking in a high protein foods such as chicken breast, raw eggs, tuna, and a lot of carbohydrates. Start your day off with two to three servings of oatmeal, a big glass or two of whole milk, and three to four eggs. Continue eating through out the day as much as you can, remember though at the end of the day you’ll be lifting weights. Eat as much as possible even if you don’t feel like eating, what we’re trying to do is increase the size of your stomach bag so you can take in more calories and protein to work for you as you go about your daily routine. There is no way around it, an ectomorph just has to eat, peanut butter sandwiches are great for packing on pounds, if you like peanut butter than add 2-3 sandwiches along with your regular meals each day. Other than a diet high in calories and protein content you may want to consider the usage of legal steroids that you can buy over the internet. These oral steroids will really help you pack on the pounds and they’re completely legal. Using a steroid such as deca-bol can possibly gain you 15-20lbs in a month depending on how often your lifting and what your eating. Avoid using light weight, of course until your tendons get use to heavy weight and start out realistically and moderately, but something like deca-bol will increase your energy and strength by quite a bit. On this substance you will definitely get much stronger faster than if you were doing this by free weights and diet alone. It is also suggested that you take a liver enhancement product such as milk thistle while your taking these steroids and don’t be afraid to stack (combine) them together, anavar is good for strength and will also help you put on weight. At the end of this article I will post reputable websites for legal steroids, just cruise the site and read the descriptions and you will find what your looking for; there are even starter kits for first time users to get use to the effect to see if you like the results that your getting. Also, don’t fall into the trap of believing all the hype about steroids, watch the movie Better, Stronger, Faster by Magnolia Pictures to gain a new perspective on the usage of steroids; I have included the trailer below. .

Mesomorphs have the luckiest of all the body types, they lose fat almost as well as ectomorphs and gain muscle about as well as endomorphs. But, like all things the grass is greener on the other side. Most mesomorphs want to be bigger, so for them it’s very simple. Be somewhat careful about your diet and keep it full of protein and a moderate amount of complex carbs, eat 4-5 medium sized meals each day to keep your metabolism up and lift weights that are moderate in weight. You don’t need to lift the heaviest thing in the room mesomorphs to get bigger. You just need to make sure you get a good pump and a good burn and do about 20 minutes of cardio three times a week to keep the fat off while you take in more food. Mesomorphs can benefit best from a combined stack of bulking and cutting steroids. Steroids will give this body type the greatest advantage over the other body types using steroids. Give lifting your best effort and you will see gains in no time.

My poor endomorphs (naturally fat), what advice could I possibly have for you guys? Well, I have a good amount of advice on how to lose that fat and build more muscle for a toned physique. First of all your going to have to stop eating all that fatty and greasy food that you’ve been eating. Although it may taste good it is not your friend and neither are the gross amount of calories that come with it. Calories for the endomorph are the real enemy in their diets. Depending on how over weight you are you will most likely need to cut your calories in half and eat 5-6 small meals a day to try and increase your metabolism. Cardio is going to be the most important part of your routines not lifting weights to look bulkier even though they say muscle burns fat, this does not really apply too much to you. You need to do at least 30 minutes of cardio 4-5 times a week to shed those unsightly pounds, you will have to work as hard as an ectomorph does to gain weight in order for you to lose it. Try eating things like salads, rice, clean meats like chicken breast or pork with little to no fat, sardines or tuna are also good, and something that will stick with you for breakfast that is low calorie like toast, cereal, or fruit. Steroid cutting agents will also be the most helpful and beneficial in obtaining the look that you want and I will include the legal websites where they can be purchased below. These steroid cutting agents are relatively inexpensive and work quite well at shedding fat, try stanzonal-v and trebolin stacked together and don’t forget the liver support, you always need liver support when taking oral steroids. Steroids also increase your energy levels if your feeling a little sluggish before going to the gym. Remember to drink lots of water rather than fruit juices, soda, and milk. Cut out as much simple sugar as you possibly can and stay away from whey protein and creatine thinking that it will help repair your muscles faster so that you gain more muscle to burn fat, these products will leave you bloated and a will make you gain unnecessary water weight. There’s no need to use these products when your using oral steroids, because the steroids do the muscle synthesis for you and these products will become essentially useless when compared to the effects of the steroids. Other than steroids and those simple to understand, but hard to follow principles you will be on your way to a thinner more robust physique as long as you stick with the program. Results will not happen overnight, considering you didn’t gain the weight overnight. Like all good things, they come with time, dedication, and hard work and most likely the usage of oral steroids.