Alex Rodriguez Steroid Scandal

Another bombshell has hit the sports world today to go along with the Phelps pot scandal earlier in the week. Alex Rodriguez the Yankees slugger was reported to have tested positive for steroids back in 03 according to a sources that were released to Sports Illustrated.* With this devastating announcement, one can only imagine what lies in store for A-Rod and the world of baseball?

This brings some credibility to Canseco’s allegations last year. If being caught with Madonna was not enough this latest incident puts Rodriguez’s reputation and fame in even more dire straits. Even though it was back in 03 and not recently that this incident took place, this was the year A-Rod won the MVP award for the AL. This brings into question of how many of his big home run years were accomplished with the help of performance enhancing drugs. Clearly this is another shot in the arm to A-Rod’s reputation making him the latest player to be convicted of taking illegal substances in the MLB.

Clearly this makes baseballs reputation hang in the balance once again. Ever since the Mitchell report, there has been a relative loll in the amount of attention that the steroids scandal has obtained. Now this brings back to light the greatest problem to attack sports ever since the black socks scandal of 1919. Ever since the homerun chase of 1998 steroids have played a significant role in any player’s power surge. This distinctly alters the outcomes of many games and has many a fan, including myself, wondering if this game is really a game or just a show to see what person can cheat the most. With so many players accused of taking steroids, it often makes many fans wonder if their favorite player’s are in mixed up in this deplorable mess as well. For sure this is the darkest day Baseball and sports in general have ever seen. If this problem is not brought under complete control soon, the future of baseball and other sports remains in big jeopardy. This problem must be stopped.

If Major League Baseball wants to survive, they will need to take immediate action which should include slashing pay to all players like Rodriguez who are found guilty of taking steroids. If it helps, even prohibiting the accused players under contract from entering into any affiliation with any advertising or named brands should be a possible punishment. Hopefully, if this action is taken, it would make players like Alex Rodriguez think twice before reaching for that syringe.